A Journey from Stone to Divinity

Shivarapatna and Avani

About the Tour

A visit to the village of the God-makers: Shivarapatna, famed for its traditional stone craftsmen. Meet the people who supply temples in Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra and beyond with idols, sculptures and pillars. You can interact with the craftsmen as they chip and chisel at granite and you can marvel at how a sculpture emerges from a block of stone.

We complete our journey from stone to divinity with a visit to the beautiful 10th century Ramalingeshwara temple in Avani. The temple nestles under a hillock that is said to be the birth place of the twins Lava and Kusha, in a town that is said to have been the home of the sage Valmiki.


What to expect

  • Travel from Bangalore and back in an air conditioned private coach, 3 hours each way.
  • Includes Breakfast and Lunch.
  • As always our forte is well researched, professional content and the company of our charming tour leads!