Handcrafted in Karnataka

The making of its Silk

About the Tour

Karnataka is India's largest producer of silk. But you already knew that. The region around Bangalore spins out most of that silk. Perhaps you didn't quite know that. India is the only country in the world that makes all four commercial varieties of silk. Surely you didn't know that.

Travel with us to seemingly innocuous small towns in our city's backyard, little dots on the map that have a big hand in the state's silk trade. Watch up close the unravelling of the silk story - right from the rearing of the silkworms; through one of India's busiest cocoon markets; to silk reeling; to weaving a final product - from the cocoon to the closet so to speak, with all the other stops in between!

Lunch is at a farmhouse nestled at the base of Nandi Hills, where you can enjoy a delicious buffet made with some locally grown produce, even as you feast on a vista of hills, trees and a farm, all spread out in front of you.


What to expect

  • We travel 80 Kms, 90 minutes each way, outside Bangalore by premium air conditioned private coach.
  • Breakfast is included.
  • Buffet lunch ( vegetarian and non vegetarian ) is served with a beverage. The first round of beer is on us!
  • Snacks and plenty of refills of water available.
  • We suggest you carry enough cash for the stop at the weavers' : their handwoven silk saris are likely to entice you into a purchase! They do not accept credit cards.