At both Chitradurga and Devanahalli, the team was responsible for the entire project execution - right from interpretive research, copy writing, design, illustration, photography and fabrication of the panels to design, construction and installation of pedestals to support the panels.


Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI ), Bangalore Circle
Ministry of Culture, India
  • The signage was conceived to cover all aspects of one of India's strongest hill forts.

  • The signage focused on the defence architecture of the fort and the French influences in its design.

  • All about the Buddhist site of Sannathi in north Karnataka

  • A history of Bidar Fort and its monuments - Bahmani period, 15th to 17th century CE

  • Unravelling some of the mysteries of this extensive prehistoric site in north Karnataka - 2400 BCE

  • About the early Chalukyan town of Lakkundi and its stunning collection of Jain and Hindu temples. North Karnataka