in the footsteps of the ancients

Re-imagining Hampi

About the Tour

Travel back in time to a cosmopolitan capital that attracted people from around the world, in whose bustling markets people spoke not just Telugu and Kannada but also some European and central Asian languages!

We take you through the ruins at Hampi, to marvel at the vision that the builders of this magical city had, and to wonder at how they sustained and grew an empire in this dramatic but arid environment.

Over our first two days, we invite you to fall in love with Hampi in its various moods and facets - always magical, always atmospheric!

On our third day, we travel an hour away from Hampi to go further back in time as we wander through one of India's most extensive, least known prehistoric sites, with enigmatic megaliths ( somewhat like in Stonehenge ) that have been standing here for 2000 years. There's more in store! We will explore these remote, other worldly ruins in the company of a reputed archaeologist.


What to expect

  • Travel from Bangalore and back in an air conditioned private coach, 7 hours each way.
  • Local travel by the same coach
  • All meals
  • As always our forte is well researched, professional content and the company of our charming tour leads!
  • Please be prepared for plenty of walking and climbing on all three days
  • Some of the climbing is optional but you wouldn't want to miss out on the special views!
  • Tour fee is quoted on twin share basis for hotel stay