About us

We chose this red-orange luminous stone for its close association with Indus Valley cultures and Early Historic Iron Age sites (c.2400 BCE ) of south India.

Our Logo

An outline of a South Indian temple pillar with a 6th century Kannada 'ka' to represent the first sound of Carnelian.

Our Work

We'd like to take you to sites that we love to visit again and again - each journey uncovers a fresh perspective, an interesting facet and new learning. There's nothing more fulfilling than to share all of it with our guests and have their interest turn into a deeper connect and appreciation of a place, its people, their culture and craft.


The Team

Pankaj Modi

A conservation architect by training, Pankaj Modi has more than a decade of dedicated experience in the field with specialisation in Wood Architecture from Norway. He has been involved in several restoration projects around the country with both government and private agencies. He recently co authored a book 'Domes and Vaults in South India'. He is visiting faculty in several architecture schools in Bangalore.

"I love to work in restoration with old buildings, take the stories about them to people and make them engage with the history. I look forward to doing that through Carnelian. My personal wish list for travel? Any place that offers a mix of culture and nature."

Meera Iyer

Meera Iyer has worked on conceptualisation, research, writing and design for interpretation of monuments and protected sites. 'Parichay', a series of heritage walks run by the Bangalore chapter of the Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) was started by her. It is currently in its fifth year and is focused on raising awareness and appreciation of the city's heritage. As a freelance writer, she has over 200 published articles on heritage to her credit, though she has also written on other topics including chocolate and grandmothers! Meera has a PhD in Forest Ecology from Michigan State University.

"Rock art, megaliths, potsherds (aside: she collects them!), Ashoka (the Emperor) , Tipu (Sultan), brass lamps and hand looms., I love them all! Places to go? I can't possibly pick just one. First stop - India Office Records section of the British Library, then Stonehenge, Athens, Rome, Petra, Hadrian's Wall... Working with the team at Carnelian means new ideas and fresh energy every time, and lots of laughter over endless cups of green tea at NGMA!"

Aravind Chandramohan

Aravind Chandramohan is Founder Director of a city-based power tools manufacturing company. He brings to Carnelian his entrepreneurial skills from his wide-ranging interests in industrial design, hospitality, health care, furniture and architecture - there may be more we don't know of! An automobile enthusiast and dedicated traveller, every Carnelian recce benefits immensely from his unflagging enthusiasm to chart unknown territory, his flair for management and logistics, and his motoring skills! Did we mention his formidable network of helpful well wishers across the country that we unstintingly turn to? Aravind has been associated with the Bangalore chapter of INTACH for over five years. He has a degree in mechanical engineering, if anyone is asking.

"What draws me to heritage? The dictionary definition defines my view nicely: The idea that historic buildings and cultural traditions are valued and have been passed down from previous generations.
Carnelian ethos to me: each of us working to our strengths to mesh together as a team in an informal and totally democratic atmosphere. And the name strikes a chord - it has the first three letters of one of my favourite words - car!
One place to go to? Being in India, it's impossible to choose one must-visit. A life time is not sufficient to cover all the heritage places of India!! So wherever (a) 'good company' takes me!"