Forays into abandoned worlds

A Lost Jain trail

About the Tour

We invite you to explore an ancient Jain pilgrimage site. Magical, but long forgotten, home to one of the oldest statues of Bahubali, predating the monolith in Shravanabelgola, the site has ruins of rarely visited Jain temples and unique rock cut images from a thousand years ago.

Take in the picture postcard setting of hillocks, boulders and farmland dotted with pocket-size villages as you climb... Interact with our team members as we discuss monuments and history, what it meant to be a Jain in Karnataka a thousand years ago and what it means to be one today.


What to expect

  • Start time 6 am from Town Hall, JC Road. Parking is available for your vehicles. Second pick up point at. at......
  • Breakfast is scheduled for ....
  • We expect to reach our site at ..... am
  • There is a fair bit of climbing, up uneven terrain. Please be prepared for this. comfortable footwear will ease things along!
  • The temperature is moderate, but do carry protection from the sun
  • We carry plenty of water and some snacks